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Hamid J brushes his artistic vision on all with his newly released flavorful pop soundtrack ‘3Way Call’


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Groovy beats and a shout-along chorus of Hamid J’s new song ‘3Way’ set new trends


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"3Way Call", A New Single by Pop Singer, Hamid J, Comprehends Rhythmic Beats and Deep Lyrics with High-Energy

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Dancing About Architecture

As a calling card for the e.p. Lovestruck, Hamid J has just released a sassy, pop groover that goes by the name of 3Way Call. It sits squarely at a point where forward-thinking pop, understated and infectious dance and modern R&B all buffer up against each other, it is wonderfully spacious, is fun, infectious and comes at the listener with a twinkle in its eye and a smile on its lips.


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Hamid J is one of the few people that can make a three-way call sound appealing.